Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Snowball escape!

We got hamsters for our two older boys about a year ago. They named them JoJo Nacho and Miranda. A couple of months after that we got one for our youngest son because he wanted one too. He named his Snowball Snowy Snow Snow. One day last week as a special request from our boys we picked up a "birthday" cake for the nasty little rodents so they could have a party for them. I really hate those things. They stink, their food stinks and they make the house stink. I have wanted to get rid of them SO MANY times, but my husband keeps telling me that their life expectancy is not very long, that it's something the boys have bonded over and blah, blah, blah. They can't have normal animals cause my husband is allergic to everything.

So last night I'm woken up by a light from our bedroom closet. I look at the clock and it's around 4:30am. I ask my husband what was going on and he said he thinks a hamster is on the loose and in our room somewhere. So I get up and start looking and see it run under our bed. It's Snowball, the anti-social hamster. It took us about 2o minutes of running around our room trying to get it out into the open to catch it. It came over to me quite a few times, but I can't touch those things, they're so nasty! We brought it's cage into our room and we finally got it to go back in without having to touch it.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Anson Jr playing the drums!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Have you ever wondered
what it would be like to
swap lives with someone?
Would you seriously ever do it?

My husband was listening
to his voice mail and
was just cracking up!
I kinda look at him funny
but he keeps laughing and
making a big deal
about something.

FINALLY, he tells me that
he filled out an application
for Wife swap and the producers
just left a message on
his phone saying
that they wanted to get
the ball rolling!!!!


4th of July was DA BOMB!

The 4th of July was pretty cool.
I found this girl on YouTube
who is an amazing singer.
Her name is Krista Nicole and
she just turned 14 and she has NEVER performed LIVE.
We contacted her dad and talked
of Krista's future over dinner.

Long story short,we put
a band together
for her consisting of
my son and Matt (the guitarist
for Squish)
and a
bassist who is Matt's friend.
Squish had a 4th of July
gig up at Longview
Washington's Go Fourth Festival
and we thought it would be
great experience for Krista to
perform on stage for a
Krista's family came
up from Medford on the 3rd and
that was the first time the band
was able to practice

The next day the band
loads up in the tour bus
and travels about 40 minutes to Lake Sacajawea.

Krista does a 30 minute set and although
she is nervous, she gives an AWESOME performance!
She starts singing and people come from nowhere
and sit in front of the stage to see this amazing talent.

It's so exciting for me because here is this girl
and her dream is to be a singer.
She has YouTube and Myspace
but to really get out there
and perform in front of a crowd
is a different thing altogether.
I feel good because
I had a hand in making this
happen for her, but I feel honored to be a part of it.