Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I am going CRAZY!!!

I just want to sell, donate, organize, and clean already! I am going crazy because it's so overwhelming to go through everything we've accumulated over the past 16+ years! I just want to get rid of everything now! We have to keep the big items, like couches, tables and beds until July, but I feel like I'm at a stand still! Anson wants to garage sell EVERYTHING, so nothing has left this house yet! I feel that if we don't get at least $5-10 per item then it should be donated. I think that's pretty reasonable and we'll just end up taking it to the D.I. anyway. I'm just trying to save some time! AAHhhh, it's frustrating!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Anson Jr. came to me over a year ago wanting his patriarchal blessing but I told him to wait until he was a little older. In December he made an appointment with the bishop and then on Sunday we met with the Patriarch.

As soon as I walked in and sat down and before the Patriarch even spoke I felt the spirit so strongly that it was almost hard to breathe. We talked for a little bit, he got to know Anson Jr. a bit and then preceded with the blessing.

I felt the spirit even stronger then before and tears immediately began streaming down my face as the patriarch began speaking. Anson Jr. is an amazing young man and has a great future ahead of him. I feel honored to be his mother. I thought there were a lot of similarities between Anson Sr.'s and Jr.'s blessing and on the way home Anson Sr. expressed the same thing. It was such a great experience. Anson Jr. has been really cute checking the mail for the last couple of days hoping to get his blessing, but I told him it might be a little while. :)

Update: He got it in the mail this afternoon! That was fast!