Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pumpking carving!

The boys picked out HUGE pumpkins
this year! I was happy that they
did all of the work aside from Ashton who
needed a little help. I have to admit I was a little
nervous with them using carving utensils,
but amazingly....nobody got hurt!

Friday, October 24, 2008


Tagged...six random things about me

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1. I LOVE cars! I have a "Hot Wheels" collection of over 100+ cars still in the package. I started collecting them years ago, but have lost interest as time, hobbies and other responsibilities came up. I still go to the toy isle and look through all the cars and if I see one that I really want then I'll get it, but it doesn't happen very often. I will own a real PACER someday.

2. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, which is weird because I'm a vegetarian and when you think about Thanksgiving, you think turkey and food. For me, it's about family getting together, the bonding, the whole atmosphere of the day and the beautiful autumn season!

3. We lived on 20 acres, 13 miles from town on the side of a mountain with the most gorgeous view of Oregon and Washington. With that we lived rather primitive at first. While I was 8 months pregnant, we had a well drilled, but to save money we dug an 18 inch deep ditch, 35 feet long and layed the pipe ourselves. I pitched right in with the digging. Then 2 weeks later I locked myself out of the house and tried to kick the door in. That night my water broke.

4. One of my FAVORITE shows to watch is Ghosthunters! Ammon likes to watch it with me too.

5. People assume since I'm a vegetarian that I'm an animal lover. This is not the case. I hate animals. When I lived in the mountains near Goldendale, we had some pesky grey diggers that would get into our garbage. They're like squirrels on crack and steriods! Over time they gnawed their way through the floor to get into our house. While Anson was at work I would take out our 22 gauge rifle and shoot those things every time I saw one. Let's just say that my aim was "dead" on.

6. I had my last two kids 7lbs. 13 oz. and 9lbs 12oz. without drugs! NO epidural, no local anesthetic...nothing. And you know what? I felt GREAT afterwards compared to having an epidural the first time. You should all try it!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Do we celebrate Holidays?

This is Anson writing. I guess I am seeing this blog as more of a journal than anything, so I thought this little experience was so cute I had to post it.
The other morning I was getting the boys ready for school, and our youngest son Ashton (6 now) asked, "Dad?" "yeah bud?" I replied. He went on to ask, "Do we celebrate holidays?" I was caught a little off guard and said, "yeah, we sure do". Ashton then asked, "All of 'em?" I clarified, "yeah, well, most of them". Then Ashton asked the question that earned him cute points:
He meant to ask if we celebrated Hanukkah but parts of it sound a little like Pocahontas and he mixed the two together. Cutie boy!

Fun with Photoshop!

Friday, October 10, 2008


This is of an assignment in my photography class where I focused on color. The picture of the flower and leaf were taken on a walk in the rain. I needed to get the assignment done and wasn't happy with other pictures that I had taken. The picture of the fire hydrant was taken on a different day, but all the yellows looked nice together and I like how the backgrounds all have a sort of grey color to them. It makes the yellow really pop! You can click on the picture to view it bigger.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


These past 2 weeks I've been trying to figure out my camera.
You'd think my photography class would help, but not so much.
If I play around with it enough,
I suppose I'll figure it out.
(I'm hoping...)

Anyway, we were assigned different types
of pictures to take for assignment #1.

I have over 50 pictures to turn in, but
here are some of my favorites:

(Complimentary Colors)

This is a picture of the I-5 bridge crossing into Oregon.
(Depth of field)

a monochromatic scene (primarily one color)

I wanted to put more up,
but I can't use my flash drive
on this computer
so I will have to put
them up later up this weekend.