Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bend-Sunriver Family Reunion

This year we went to Bend-Sunriver for the Service Family reunion. It started on Monday and ended on Saturday. Some people camped in tents, brought trailers, or rented a Yurt or trailer there at Thousand Trails. The first thing the kids did was go swimming and it's something they did every day MANY times a day.

This is Ashton in the kiddie pool that's only 18 inches deep.

Here's Ammon in is cool blue goggles!
The boys got a little chilly, dried off, took a breather and and then jumped back in the pool!

Anson Jr. doing a handstand!
Anson Jr. and Ammon have the pool all to themselves!

Dad, Ammon and Ashton taking a walk by the river.
A round of putt putt golf.

Fun on the playground.
Anson Jr. very happy about riding this rented bike and drinking soda!
Anson Jr. and his cousin Max.

Ammon all chill.
Ashton s t r e t c h i n g for the pedals.
Dad and Ashton going for a little ride.
Our campsite.

Crawdads that Blake, Breana and Max caught in the river. Savannah cooked them up and they TRIED to eat them. I think they had more fun playing with them though.
The Service family under the gazebo ready for the talent show and auction.
Pictures that I took from around the Thousand Trails property.

When I heard that the kids were catching frogs, I had them show me where it was. I couldn't believe how many frogs were down by the river! If you just looked at the ground you would see hunderds of little frogs jumping towards the river, then on occasion a big frog would squeak and hop in the river too. Here is Ashton holding the tiny little frog.

Here are 10 little frogs.
More frogs on the leaves.
This frog looks fully grown, but still has it's tail! I saw a lot of frogs like this here.

On the way home, we had our windows rolled down and I saw this butterfly hit our car, but didn't see it fly in. Later I looked down for something and saw this butterfly laying here and still alive. I picked it up and threw it out the window.
I have this thing where I take pictures while Anson's driving. He used to ask if I wanted him to pull over so I could get a better picture, but I take pictures of everything! So the rest of the pictures are from the window in the van on our trip home. These trees were so beautiful. I loved the color of their trunks.
Mt. Washington

Portland, Oregon
Mt Hood and The Columbia River
Going across the bridge into Vancouver.