Monday, May 18, 2009

Every year Anson complains that I never throw him a birthday party...and this year wasn't any different. I did however organize some of my family and some of his to meet at The Macaroni Grill last Saturday night. He was actually surprised and thanked me for doing it.
(I took a few pictures with my phone)

Anson with his yummy cake, that I didn't get a bite of!

Betty, (Anson's mom), Bill, my sister Sarah, my mom, Ashton and Anson Jr. are in this picture.

Dan, Joyce, Sarah, Ryan and their kids MacKenzie and Chase.

Luke on the left, Bill and Betty.

Luke in his pimpin' ride driving down the freeway.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Phoenix and Archer Gallery

Today the "Phoenix" came out!

It is my college's art and literary publication
and I have three pieces of my work in it.

The square in the very top left corner is mine. We had a Typography project where we had to choose a phrase and then draw a simple pictograph from that phrase. (I chose "Mother and Son") From the pictograph we had to draw it over and over making it more and more basic until finally it resembles a "letter". From that letterform, we come up with 8 additional letterforms that look like they "go" with our original one. The letterform in the center is my original. You can see how different everyones turned out. It was very interesting!

This is a closer look at my letterforms project.
Funny story. As I was pasting these pieces on my matboard, I had over rotated 2 of the letters, so one is sideways and one is upside down. Nobody could tell but me, so I just left it! :)

The page on the right belongs to me. They are 4 seperate photographs, but the 3 yellow ones at the top are one composition. It is called, "Yellow". It was a project in Digital Photography focusing on just one of the elements in photography. I chose color.

The picture below it is one that I took of the Olympic National Forest. I have posted both of these pieces in earlier blogs.

After the "unveiling", we headed downstairs to The Archer Gallery for the Student Art Annual. Students from Clark College can submit up to 4 pieces of work that they had done from the previous year. Then 5 judges, who teach some form of art at the school, vote as to which pieces make it into the gallery. I turned in 4 pieces. Funny thing is, when I looked at the list of what made it in, I noticed something that I did not turn in made it, which meant that one of my teacher's turned it in! I have 4 pieces in this gallery and I put prices on them ranging from $25-$120 in case somebody wanted to them. I really don't think anybody will, but you never know.

This is something I made in 2 Dimensional Design. It is an 18x18 pencil drawing on bristol paper.
For our assignment, we had to choose 2 objects, one man made and the other organic. We then had to defamiliarize it so that nobody could tell what it was. This was my man made piece. Can you guess what it is?

This is one photograph of a series of shell photographs that I turned in as my Final Project in Digital Photography for the Fall Quarter. The picture is at a weird angle. If I find the actual file, I will post it.

The artwork of the girl is a pastel drawing that I did in Drawing II last quarter. We had a model come in on 3 different days and pose for us. This is on an 18x24 piece of midtone paper. My drawing teacher said it was "Smokin'!"

The piece in the lower right corner is the piece that my Typography teacher turned in on my behalf. We studied and photographed different fonts and at the end of the quarter had to make a collage and arrange the photos on a piece of matboard.

As I was leaving the gallery to go home, my Typography teacher from last quarter who just happens to be my advisor and who is in charge of the "Phoenix" said that someone was looking for me because every year she looks through the Phoenix to find work that she can use for postcards for different school announcements, thank you cards...whatever, and she told me that this lady wanted to use one of my photos! Not sure which one, but it's exciting! It was a GREAT day today!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cinco de Mayo

Anson and I decided to "celebrate" Cinco de Mayo by going out to lunch at a Mexican Restaurant. On our way, we saw an Indian Cuisine Restaurant called "Namaste" with an "ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET". We really didn't want to eat Mexican food anyway, so we made a U-turn and we were so glad we did!

I eat a lot of white rice and their white rice does not compare to anything I've ever had before.
It was SO GOOD! They also had Indian french fries (see picture) and once again they do not compare to American fries AT ALL. They were delicious too! The pita/tortilla like bread
(don't remember what it was called) was SO GOOD too. We took that, dipped it into various things and I just couldn't get enough of that food! I was sad when I was only able to go
through the buffet twice before getting full. Then Anson asked me if I had seen the homemade Mango ice cream! I couldn't resist. I got us some ice cream and it was...different. I didn't like it much, but Anson LOVED it!

We will definitely go back! It's our new favorite restaurant.

(Pictures taken with my cell phone)