Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Our first stop in Illinois was to the LDS Visitors Center in Nauvoo and then up to the Nauvoo Temple. I got a ton of pictures of the Nauvoo temple but it was hard to get it at a good angle.


 It was 101 degrees while we were there and it was miserable. We walked into a few places like Brigham Youngs house, the print shop and John Brownings home, which were okay but the guides wanted to tell us every little detail about the history and on and on and on, and we were trying to get through as fast as we could because we wanted to make it to Carthage before it closed. Here's are some pics of the few things we saw. The boy's favorite - the home of John Browning - inventor of the machine gun and worlds greatest gun inventor! 

The Print shop where "The Times and Seasons" and "The Nauvoo Neighbor" was printed.


Before we headed out of town we stopped at the overpriced gift shop.

We headed to Carthage, a half hour away, and made it just minutes before the next tour started. The took us in a room and played a short video of Joseph Smith and then took out to the actual Jail. Our tour guide said that the jail had eventually been sold to a couple who bought it to convert to a house, and the one of the only original things left of the house were the doors. They kept the one with the bullet hole in it and allowed visitor's to come and look at it. The church eventually bought it and tried to restore it back to how it once was.

We were allowed to take pictures, but I felt weird doing it to be honest. I can't describe the feeling I had there, but I felt it as a sacred place and a place of reverence, not something that should be photographed. I was okay with taking pictures of the room itself, just not my family standing in front of the window where Joseph Smith fell to his death.

We saw this beautiful butterfly in the gardens as we were leaving.

Ashton picked this butterfly off the grill of our car and asked me to take his picture! Haha!

We got lost in some cornfields as we left Carthage and saw Children of the Corn!