Sunday, August 28, 2011


So I forgot to mention a strange experience I had at Carthage. The tour guide brought us to the first room on the main floor where food was prepared. I tried to pay attention to what he was saying but I got really dizzy and it felt like the floor was moving. I've had this happen a couple of times this summer where I get dizzy for a second, then it passes. But at Carthage, it didn't pass right away and it was very intense. I didn't know if I was going to black out or not and I almost said something to Anson, but it passed. Then when we were taken upstairs to the cell room, it was dark and there weren't any windows, I felt it again, but not as strong. As I walked into the room, I had to walk really slow and hold onto things and then lean against the wall as the tour guide spoke. Again I thought nothing of it.

When the tour was over and we were in the car talking about our experience, Anson Sr. said Ammon had whispered to him while in that first room (where I felt dizzy), that he had felt like the floor was moving. It turns out that we all had felt that! But me and Ammon were the only ones that felt it up in the cell room. I don't know what to make of it. I talked with my mom who had visited Carthage years ago and she said she never felt that.

After Carthage we drove a a few hours and stayed in a hotel right on the border of Illinois and Indiana. The boys thought it was okay to go to the fitness room at the hotel and let Ashton try and run 12mph on the treadmill. Here's the result:

That morning we took off and drove all day to a Thousand Trails campground in Park City, Kentucky. We had the worst time finding it, but once we did, we set up camp and the kids hopped in the pool.

It was so hot and humid that Anson and I jumped in too. It cooled us off and was very relaxing. We watched bats fly above us and the insects, bugs, crickets and whatever else came out at night chirped (or whatever bugs do)so loud it was almost hard to hear somebody next you talking. We saw a couple of them and they were HUGE! After we swam, we drove into town and ate dinner at Pizza Hut. Our server had an accent and she kept calling Anson Sr. sweetie and honey. She was young too. It's just the way they talk there but that would get really annoying! They were very pleasant and nice though.

On the way back from the bathroom,  Anson Jr. spotted this praying mantis. It was HUGE!

The next morning it was sooooooooo HOT & HUMID that after I showered and toweled dry, I would immediately get wet again. Now matter how much I toweled myself off, I would get wet again. It was so frustrating. It was the worst! After 30 minutes, I finally got dressed and we headed to North Carolina.