Friday, August 19, 2011


We left Utah Saturday morning of July 30th with the intent to stay at a hotel in Cheyenne, Wyoming. When we got into town we called around and every hotel was booked due to a concert and a rodeo that night. We called up the KOA (Kampgrounds of America) to see how much a tent site would be and they quoted me $77!!! What?! That's how much a hotel would have been! Anyway, we went to a grocery store there in the area, stocked up on food, got dinner and got back on the road.

Before we left Wyoming we went to the Wyoming State Penitentiary, after we stopping for gas. It was just up the road and we figured, why not? The kids got to stretch, be goofy, and see some wildlife. That deer was right there on the front lawn of the Penitentiary and didn't budge.

Oh, I forgot to mention that when we first pulled off the highway and started heading into town we passed a car in the parking lot where two older kids were in the car waiting for an adult and the younger one, probably a 9-10 year old girl climbed on top of the car and her older brother maybe 12-13 got out and started yelling at her to get down, but she stayed up there. It was funny and my kids were like "Where are we"? Then on another street on the way to the hotel, two guys were standing in a parking lot in between cars facing the street and peeing! Who does that?! I guess the further east you go the weirder people get.

Here are some pics of Wyoming through the passenger side window going down the highway at 70mph!